When Might You Need a Business Litigation Attorney?


As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are a lot of things to manage, and legal problems are not something you want to deal with in your day-to-day. However, it's still a good idea to know when you might need a business litigation attorney and be prepared so you can act quickly in case there are any legal disputes that need resolving. This post will take a closer look at when you might need a business litigation attorney and what they can do to help you.

5 October 2023

Why An Employment Attorney Should Always Write A Company's Contracts


An employment contract can be a deceptively simple thing. After all, a business and a prospective employee are agreeing to a fair wage in return for the person's work. This masks the numerous legal challenges that can accompany employment contracts. Here are four reasons why your business should always have an employment attorney draft these agreements. Legally-Binding Terms Ultimately, the point of an employment contract is to ensure that both sides use agreed-upon language to describe the terms.

16 January 2023

When Do You Need An Employment Attorney To Pursue Your Rights?


Do you believe your employment rights have been violated? Employee rights can be infringed upon by both the employer and coworkers. Remuneration and compensation are two common grounds for employee rights abuse cases. You can, however, sue for more unusual offenses, such as defamatory claims made against you. Employee rights infractions can be overt, such as unjust pay deductions, or hidden, such as discrimination in promotions. In all of these circumstances, you'll need the help of an employment lawyer to fight for your rights.

14 January 2022

Critical Reasons To Retain An Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyer


An accusation of misconduct or harassment can tank your career. Your employer may fire you rather than take your side in the allegations. Future employers also may decide that you are too much of a liability to risk their reputations. Instead of confronting and battling the accusations on your own, you can hire an experienced legal adviser to represent you. You can prove your innocence and clear your reputation by retaining a sexual harassment lawyer to take your case.

13 January 2021

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer


When a person dies, their estate must go through probate, unless their estate is held in a trust. Probate is a process where a will is reviewed by the court, proceeds from the estate are used to pay off a person's debt, and what remains of the estate is distributed to heirs. If your are the executor of a recently deceased loved one's estate, you will have to ensure that probate goes smoothly.

17 January 2020

Are Your Employee Rights Being Violated? How To Resolve The Situation


If you're having problems at work, you may think that your only course of action is to deal with the situation. Luckily, that's not the case. You should never have to deal with workplace situations that put your safety in jeopardy or that violate your rights. If situations at your workplace have made life unbearable for you, take the steps described below.  Discuss Your Grievances When you're having problems at work, you need to talk to your employer.

13 January 2020

What Causes International Business Disputes And How To Resolve Them


These days, it's increasingly common for businesses of all sizes to work with overseas manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, customers, and partners. While the global economy can support many businesses, disputes are common. A single dispute is all it takes to launch a lawsuit. Here are the problem areas you should recognize as potential "breeding grounds" for a claim -- and information on how these issues can be resolved. What are the main types of disputes that arise in international business?

28 December 2019

About Employment Attorneys And What's So Great About Them


While there are some fantastic employers out there who really care for their employees, there are also employers who take advantage of their employees and who do a lot of things that just aren't right and aren't even legal in many cases. Since you aren't an attorney, you won't be armed with the knowledge and understanding of the law to know when an employer is treating you in a way that is illegal.

24 December 2019

How An Attorney Can Help You Deal With Pregnancy Discrimination In The Workforce


If you're a hardworking employee who just so happens to be pregnant, sometimes companies can look down on you. Thus, to avoid dealing with the pregnancy process, they may not hire you to begin with. This is pregnancy discrimination. If you believe you've been on the receiving end of it, hiring an attorney is your best response. They'll help you in the following ways.  Gather Supporting Evidence So that you have the best shot at winning this case should it go to court, you need supporting evidence.

23 December 2019

What You Need To Know When You Are Arrested For Your First DUI


A DUI can have a variety of impacts on your life. The consequences include a suspended license, fines, and possibly time in jail. The following are some things you should know if you are arrested for your first DUI: Does a DUI Result in a Criminal Record? A DUI arrest does not mean you will end up with a criminal record. An arrest does not equal guilt until you are proven as such.

21 December 2019