Types of Fertilizer to Use for a Great Lawn

04/28/2017 J Gennaro 0

Maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is an important thing for most households. It reflects how much you take care of your property. It pays to welcome friends and visitors with a refreshing view of your nice lawn. This is why you should do everything to improve your lawn. Fertilizing Your Lawn One way to make sure that your lawn stays healthy is to make use of fertilizers. Fertilizing the grasses in your lawn will keep them green and healthy. It ensures that they don’t dry out easily because of the right nutrients supplied to the soil. This is also […]

Low Maintenance Landscaping: 10 Tips for Your Yard and Garden Area

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One of the best assets to the house I live in now is actually the property. The home sits on almost an acre of land in city limits, and most of the land is a beautiful backyard. The yard work used to be incredible until my wife and I got smart. We started designing the landscape to make the most of our yard with the least amount of maintenance possible. I’ll share with you 10 tips for creating a low maintenance yard and garden area, all of which we have used ourselves and believe in. When you initially begin creating […]

Flower Gardening 101 – How to Use Flowers to Your Advantage

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Gardening Does Take Planning Even in the middle of winter, a die hard gardener is planning next summer’s plants. Unfortunately, due to poor planning, many people make unnecessary purchases to make their yards attractive. Many times, these purchases only empty the checkbook. A well thought out plan on what you are going to do will save money when planning a summer yard. It can either be costly or cost effective depending on your plan. There is one option that is inexpensive that can make your yard beautiful. The option that I am suggesting is a flower garden. It doesn’t matter […]

Tips for Fire-Safe Landscaping

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With the threat of global warming making its presence felt around the country and the world,no plants, bushes, and trees are safe within the heat that our “new” summer days has been offering us; making your landscaping vulnerable to the summer heat. With this in mind here are 15 tips on how and what you can do to keep your home and landscaping fire-safe from those blistering summer days: Tip 1: Make sure to remove any dead plants, and dry wood away from your home. Clean any loose debris that might be a hazard. Tip 2: Prune any trees that […]

Irrigating Your Lawn Effectively

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Properly Irrigating is an important component of planning your landscape. That is because it plays a crucial role in the overall function of your landscape. Irrigation brings water to your plants and without it, your plants will die and the time and energy you invested on building your landscape will be put to waste. There are several considerations when irrigating your landscape. 1. Find a water source that’s efficient as possible. Regardless of the size of your lawn, you will need to water it regularly in order for the plants to survive. You must therefore find a cost-efficient way to […]

how to build a wood deck

Deck Building Guide: Enjoy your Outdoor Space

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Who would love a beautiful wood deck around their backyard? It isn’t as simple as just nailing a few boards together, in most areas it starts with permits, then planning, then a lot of hard work. But We here at Gennaro Grass have broken the process down for you, so you can spend this spring building a deck, then enjoy it for years to come. Step by Step Deck Building Guide Inserting timber posts 1. Draw up your deck plan on paper first. (If you are stuck for ideas, there are plenty of resources online that supply deck plans) To […]

flagstone patio

Flagstone Patio: All You Need to Know

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People who are trying to find the ideal material for a high-end patio certainly ought to consider using flagstone. Choosing artificial or manufactured materials for your patio is not recommended. The most obvious reason behind using natural materials such as flagstone is the fact that they are, of course, more appealing compared to synthetic ones. Flagstones are an outstanding option due to their natural splendor. This material provides an air of sophistication to any project. Flagstones are particularly well suited for patios and walkways due to their appearance and natural durability. Using these kinds of stones will surely provide a […]

Brick Patio

Brick Patio: In 9 Easy to Follow Steps

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I have always thought brick patios provide an extraordinary visual enhancement around all homes, and is a major compliment to all your landscaping efforts. Having said that installing a brick patio is not a very difficult undertaking, however it will take a significant amount of your time to complete. The key to installing a brick patio, is proper planning and to break the plan down into distinct and clear steps. So that is precisely what we will do in this post, as I am going to present you with an easy 9 step process for installing a brick patio.   […]

All about Bermuda grass

All about Bermuda grass

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There are two different types of Bermuda grasses. These two types are the most common Bermuda grass and the hybrid Bermuda grass. The hybrid Bermuda is what you will most likely find on lawns. The hybrid Bermuda grass does not produce seed and therefore will not spread causing a lot of weeds. The common Bermuda grass is a fine textured green grass. The roots grow very deep into the ground, making the Bermuda able to withstand high temperatures and lots of drought. Since the common permuted grass can spread very rapidly, you must keep an eye on the grass to […]

Water Consumption and Landscaping

Water Consumption and Landscaping

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The Truth Behind Landscaping and Water consumption. Most people consider landscaping a great factor in water conservation. However, most critics contend that landscaping is the number one consumer of water. Most people believe that the more abundant the garden is, the more water it consumes. What they do not know is that, in reality, landscaping only consumes 2.9% of the overall water consumption on a national scale. This can even be lowered if people will be sensible enough to take into consideration the limitation of the water supply. So what accounts for the excesses in water consumption? According to some […]